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Since Johannes appears in other podcasts as a guest rather then in his own shows, he decided to build a feed to keep track of them. Join Johannes and explore other podcasts as a Podcast Nomad. Feel free to contact him at or @jvimedia on

DiscoverADN Episode 32 @jvimedia


Today I have the pleasure of talking with Johannes Valouch, who goes by the name ‘jvimedia' on He’s a filmmaker and developer interested in a lot of topics, and one of the creators of PurpleApp.

Join me in learning more about Johannes on this episode of Discover ADN.


Johannes on ADN

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PT016 Ein bisschen Rauschen erzeugen


E-Mails werden immer noch unverschlüsselt übertragen und gespeichert. Es wird maximal die Verbindung verschlüsselt. Aber diese Verschlüsselung ist oft nicht durchgängig. Eine vollständige Verschlüsselung von Mails erreicht man nur, wenn man sie direkt im Client verschlüsselt und versendet. Wie sich das umsetzten lässt, haben Johannes und Lukas besprochen. Leider muss man ein paar Hürden überwinden, um dies zu realisieren.



Social Converse - 50. Precedence Over Your Internet


This Episode is in English -- Johannes is guest in the Social Converse Podcast Episode 50:

The episode count goes up as the show host Count goes down as John has to go all the way to Germany to find a guest to join him. turning strangers into friends since 2012; we talk abo$

this Podcasts is going international

The social converse is next.